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Apt. 302

We put the ART in ApARTment.

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Outside of art school, a lot of us don't have other artistic people around us at all times, and some of us could use a little help. This is why apt_302 is here.

This community is limited to The Shenanigans and anyone they'd like to invite to join the community. I want this community to be limited to people we know personally who have artistic talent and/or opinions we appreciate and value. Members are encouraged to invite people to join, but I'd like to keep this community small (think gathering, and not kegger).

Current members must also vouch for new members so I know it's not just some random person trying to join.

Despite the small membership, I'd also like to keep this community as active as humanly possible (one of it's purposes, after all, is to keep us working and practicing). I may eventually add a weekly drawing assignment or a crafting swap here or there to keep us all busy if anyone is interested... or if it all comes down to that.

Da' Rules

- All members have two weeks after they join to post a short introduction (yeah, I know, we pretty much all know each other, but this is for the new peeps). Your intro should also include at least one piece of art.

- This is not a community to discuss the meaning of art in any way, shape, or form. This is a community to discuss *technical* aspects of work. If you wanna go talk some bullshit about how pretentious you are, GO BACK TO ART SCHOOL!

- Please use constructive criticism. Anything other than that will get you a good talking to. Do it a second time and you're out of here for good. I have a really low tolerance for assholism.

- We will not discriminate between low brow and "traditional" fine art. I can't stand that. I refuse to believe that one type of art holds far more weight than the other.

- On that note, we represent lots of people working in many different types of media. Hey guess what? It's all good. Let's not pretend that a certain media is better than another. In other words, anyone starting the age-old painting vs. sculpture argument will also get a talking to.

- Posts about already established artists are OK. We should all be looking at as much stuff as we can.

Picture Postin'

Picture size limit is 300x500 pixels. Anything larger than that should be placed behind an LJ cut. To be kind to everyone's friends pages, everyone is limited to only one picture outside of an LJ cut per post.

Any pictures of nudes *MUST* be placed behind an LJ cut and labeled "NSFW." Some people are working here, and we've gotta respect that. Any nudes posted without a cut WILL BE DELETED. I know it sucks, but there are prudes in the world.

The tags for an LJ cut are as follows:

Stuff you want in front of the cut.(lj-cut text="Read more") Stuff you want behind the cut. (/lj-cut)

Be sure to replace ( ) with < >.

Any problems, questions, or suggestions? punkin_queen is your maintainer. Send me a note 'cos I'm really not as scary as I seem, I promise. (Please use email or AIM.)

Let's not waste our expensive educations.... Go draw something!