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Shrinky dink expermiments [Jul. 11th, 2008|10:53 am]
Apt. 302


I haven't done shrinky dinks since it was a cut out strawberry shortcake book of them when I was like 6, so I was excited to try and experiment. I wanted to make the cherries into a necklace, but I had to reheat it because they curled, and it cracked by the whole. Oh well, live and learn. The gnome I am attaching a suction cup for so he can be in the window, and the koi is currently a fridge magnet. Sorry for the crappy pics, my digital camera is on the blitz so these are from my phone. The were all freehand sketched and then colored and shaded with sharpies. I have to find some of the hard glaze stuff to seal them with. Anyone else played with that stuff? Any recommends on which to use?


[User Picture]From: punkin_queen
2008-07-11 04:08 pm (UTC)


Yay! Jesi is posting some work! I love that gnome!

I just made an Ickis shrinky dink. I'm going to make it into a necklace for my Craftster partner. For sealant, I used this stuff. I use it for all my varnishing needs 'cos it's cheap, easy to clean up, and doesn't smell that bad. Watch out for bubbles, though. If I'm sealing dinks in bulk, then I just just a couple coats of regular, old, clear spray paint. That's a stinkier option.
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